Project with Umami Video for Spoonik restaurant in Barcelona

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Kitchen noises: dishes, boiling water, a pan, knives chopping vegetables… Endless samplers that Umami Vídeo and Spoonik wanted to use to make music for a gastronomic experience of the reknown restaurant located in Barcelona.

With all those noises we composed latin jazz ground, adding piano, trumpet and doublebass at the recording studio. This video of the making of shows the creative process and part of the final result. The whole show for gourmets to enjoy at Spoonik!




Umami Vídeo: idea, production and project management.

Marc Abad Vilella, sound recording.

magam: composition.

Ismael Dueñas: piano and musical direction.

Curro Gálvez: doublebass.

Ivó Oller: trumpet.

Lluís Molas: percussion and studio recording.


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