Chakras 5D

Since we are vibrating higher due to change of conciousness, our chakras connect now with these higher frequencies, changing slightly their function or how they work.

Tone Chakra 1

It roots to New Earth’s heart.

Tone Chakra 2

Creation, self power. Divine femenine and masculine help us to materialize.

Tone Chakra 3

Strengh, connection with our purpose in life, with our Sun. Shine in our potential.

Tone Chakra 4

Connection to the Love of creation, the Love of the Universe, the Love of Life. Everything is created from Love, and from here we shine and expand.

Tone Chakra 5

Our unique and universal sound, the one we can express ourselves fully, since it’s aligned with Universal Love. Communication and expansion of joy in connection with our heart and Universal Love.

Tone Chakra 6

This is our ancestral wisdom, the Knowledge of Earth and Cosmos. This chakra connects with the diferent levels of existence. We are whole beings and we integrate, understand and walk a path with our wisdom.

Tone Chakra 7

Tone Chakra 7: Full conciousness of the Being. We are concious of our origin, path and destiny. We summon the three essences: Earth, Cosmos and Source. Full integration of every chakra and our gifts, our purpose in life.