Original music for campaign “Hola! Visit Empordanet”

1024 562 MAGAM musica

Original music composed for turism campaign from Empordanet, a region from Baix Empordà (Girona, Spain). It shows all kind of activities and places to visit. Commerce, artisans and cultural venues. Shot and edited by DVIS Audiovisual.

ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK – Greenpeace campaign

1024 532 MAGAM musica

Original music for Greenpeace’s campaign. A documentary about deforestation of Yucatán, Mexico, as a consecuence of big pork farms, that are polluting and spoiling the enviroment.

Production: Greenpeace Méxic

Images and editing: Tània Garnica – New Flight Generation

Animation: Andy Bauer


1024 575 MAGAM musica

One of our musical portraits was chosen to be the soundtrack in the presentation video of Associació Cetàcea.

Filming and production: New Fight Generation.

Original soundtrak – promo vídeo

1024 667 MAGAM musica

Original music composition for promo videos of virtual congress “Come de aquí y de ahora”, about organic feeding and production.

Director: Nagore Pardo

Editing: Annabel Botello

DISSENY SONOR – Àudio binaural

1024 813 MAGAM musica

Original music and binaural sound design for this video made with photogrammetry, real objects translated into digital format.


Concept, video and production: GROC Studio

JINGLE – promo video

1024 673 MAGAM musica

JINGLE – Book by Sílvia Gala

Original composition for the short promo videos of book launch “Joder, I love you”, by Sílvia Gala.



Jingle for tv news

1024 562 MAGAM musica


1024 517 MAGAM musica

ORIGINAL MUSIC – Groc Studio Season 3

Original piece written for the minivideo of 3D animation company Groc Studio‘s comeback after summer holidays. Road-movie style and country music reference give us a hint to compose this music in total coordination with the video.


SOUNDTRACK – Otaduy’s new collection

1024 572 MAGAM musica

Music for Otaduy’s new collection

Bridal clothing company Otaduy asked for original music for the video that presents their new collection 2020.

The essence of “Inspiration”, explains Carolina the designer, “is strengh and fantasy. A dreamlike universe. A collection that wants to show freedom of the strong and fearless women.”

Designer: Carolina Otaduy

Camera and film editing: Julia Kories

Hair and makeup: Paloma Barba

Soundtrack: MAGAM

DOCUMENTAL – Escalada a vista de pájaro

1024 575 MAGAM musica

Música hecha en colaboración con la empresa New Flight Generation, especialistas en vuelos con dron y sus aplicaciones a diferentes ámbitos, en este caso en formato mini-documental y del deporte, enseñando la escalada desde otro punto de vista.