The company SONA, that rents sound equipment, premiers a new website and wants a little video with music that reflects the two kind of events that they work on: companies and live concerts. The visual proposal, made by GROC Studio, mixed these two worlds: the elegant, sofisticated, congress-like, inaugurations and events, and another one referring to concerts, live music and summer festivals. These two worlds had to have their own musical identity as well, and being able to join them together at the end.

Without composing a jingle, we had to manage more ambient than melodies, but with these two visions and personalities, and integrate both in the same tune. All of that coordinated with the image in movement, already sketched by GROC Studio, adapting the musical textures to the visuals and giving them sound form and sense. The sfx include sound of seawaves acompanning the soundwaves, to give the impression of summer, surfing through sound, and the musical elements are slowly coming in together with the colors without losing the sonority of the elegant ambient from the beginning.