We compose music for add campaigns, publicity and all kind of marketing events for promoting business.

Collaboration wit La Bruguera de Púbol

This video was filmed by Drone Catalunya, and it is based on a piece of music inspired on La Bruguera de Púbol. La Bruguera is a unique eco estate, for retreats, holidays and events, located in Baix Empordà (Girona, Catalonia).

Campaign Hola! Visit Empordanet

Original music composed for turism campaign from Empordanet, a region from Baix Empordà (Girona, Spain). It shows all kind of activities and places to visit. Commerce, artisans and cultural venues. Shot and edited by DVIS Audiovisual.

MÚSICA ORIGINAL – Groc Studio Season 3

Original track for this mini-vídeo from Groc Studio coming back to work after holidays. Music inspired on road movies and country genre fit the animation.


Virtual congress Come de aquí y de ahora

Original soundtrack for promo videos of virtual congress  “Come de aquí y de ahora” about ecological nutrition and proximity food.

Produced by Nagore Pardo and edited by Annabel Botello.


Jingle for book “Joder, I love you” promo-video by author Sílvia Gala.

Soundtrack for fashion film – Otaduy

Comission of a soundtrack for Otaduy‘s 2020 fashion collection.

“Inspiration”, according to designer, “is strengh and fantasy, a rich oniric universe comes out from the fabrics and materials composing this collection. It also wants to pay tribute to all women changing history. Desing for brides that show proudly their freedom”.

Designer: Carolina Otaduy

Camer and video edit: Julia Kories

Hair and make-up: Paloma Barba

Original soundtrack: MAGAM

Jingle and musical interludes – 10 years of NEXES

Nexes is a business co-working studio in Forallac (Baix Empordà). On their 10 year anniversary they wanted to show interviews and data about the growing of the project.

We composed a jingle and different musical bits when data and statistics are presented. At the end, the client wanted the same jingle but with a twist towards new horizons and the renovation of the bussiness, towards the innovation, the sharing and the creative melting pot that they feel working together.

Video made by DVIS audiovisual. Watch the whole clip here.

Advertising – SONA

Sound systems rental company SONA wanted a small video for their brand new website. The music had to show the two different kinds of events that they work on: bussiness and live concerts. Visuals made by GROC Studio mixed this two worlds: sofistication, elegance, congress-like, premieres and events, and another one of concerts, live music, summer festivals. This two worlds had to have their own musical identity, and being able to get together at the end.

Without composing a jingle, we had to manage more ambient sounds than melodies, but with this two characters, this two visions and personalities, and join them both at the end. All of that synchronised with the video, already made by GROC Studio, and adapting the musical textures to the visuals, bring them to making a good match in shapes and sounds. The sound fx, for instance, add some sea waves sound to have this summer feeling and accompany sound waves, like “surfing sound”, and the musical elements are slowly coming in together with the colours without losing this elegant sounds at the beginning.

Campaign Kick Cancer

Proposal of musica and SFX for “Kick Cancer” advertising.

Director: Jep Barcelona
Production companies: Mediapro &
Produced by
DOP: Ricard Canyellas
Art: Groc Studio
Edition and postproduction: Groc Studio
Grading: Xavi Santolaya
Graded: Pijama

Finally a mixed was made between two audio proposals. The result is HERE.

Music and sfx for bussiness video

Productioin: KiN in Nature
3D animation: Groc Studio


Composition of “jingle” for introduction logo in the videos of speaker and coach Sergi Torres. Premises: “minimal, zen, plain.”

Making-of video from the piece of latin jazz we made for a gastronomic experience of Spoonik restaurant in Barcelona. Produced and managed by Umami Vídeo.


More information about the project HERE.

Listen to the latin-jazz track here: