Participation in Empordoneses

150 150 MAGAM musica

Empordoneses is a project that starts in 2010 and wants to give voice and create a community of female artists in Empordà. Now it embraces all artistic and visual disciplines, and it is a meeting point between artists and public.

Due to the lockdown in march 2020, we were asked to briefly explain how this particular time has been creativity-wise.

(Catalan audio)

Interview for “Vivir desde la esencia”

150 150 MAGAM musica

We got the chance to have a little talk with journalist and communicator Glòria Montasell about the creative process of the “Sound Portraits”, the custom music we compose on commission.

We are very grateful to Glòria and her sensibility towards our work. At the end of the interview there’s a fragment of the piece we composed for her.

(audio in Spanish)