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Project with Umami Video for Spoonik restaurant in Barcelona

150 150 MAGAM musica

Kitchen noises: dishes, boiling water, a pan, knives chopping vegetables… Endless samplers that Umami Vídeo and Spoonik wanted to use to make music for a gastronomic experience of the reknown restaurant located in Barcelona.

With all those noises we composed latin jazz ground, adding piano, trumpet and doublebass at the recording studio. This video of the making of shows the creative process and part of the final result. The whole show for gourmets to enjoy at Spoonik!




Umami Vídeo: idea, production and project management.

Marc Abad Vilella, sound recording.

magam: composition.

Ismael Dueñas: piano and musical direction.

Curro Gálvez: doublebass.

Ivó Oller: trumpet.

Lluís Molas: percussion and studio recording.


ViGiLIA – videogames Girona’s first meeting

150 150 MAGAM musica

Last june we attended the first meeting of “ViGiLIA” (videogames of Girona). We could present our music to our colleagues. There were developers, artists, programmers and we could knowledge the latest news and projects.

That was the first of hopefully many more to come, so everyone is informed and there is total communication and ideas shared between all of us.

Thanks to the organizers and see you on the next one!

Trying the new Oval

150 150 MAGAM musica

We have a new instrument! Some time ago we contributed to Kickstarter campaign of OvalSound, a project that was developing an electronic handpan. It’s a MIDI controller as well, with a huge amount of sounds and functions. New sounds, new inspiration and the possibility to play it live.

Soon we’ll post the results!



Collaboration with Lucía Montero, videoartist

150 150 MAGAM musica

Some time ago, videoartist Lucía Montero chose one of our tracks to make a video. We got surprised twice: she chose a symphonic piece (for some reason we thought she prefered some other genre) and also, from all of our work, she picked Aniel’s theme. This particular piece has a very profound meaning for us, since we composed it after three notes that our son was singing while Marta was sitting composing next to him. Those three notes became a piano improvisation and later a symphonic piece.

What could we expect from the images for music that talks about something so specific and important for us? We completely trusted the artist, but the result at the beginning shocked us a little. Hacer cine (“Making cinema” on its translation) was the title. We watched it once, twice… It’s videoart, not videoclip to “help” the music. Here images and music come together, play to take you to places they couldn’t without one another… Making movies, energy of so many people to create. Energy, motivation, but on top of all love. Love for what you do, love for creating, love spreading all the way. That’s Aniel’s theme, that’s Hacer cine.

Enjoy the show:

Fine arts and music: sculpture

150 150 MAGAM musica

To sense the process of creation of an artist while watching his or her work, imagining how the pieces come together, what we see and we don’t of the creator… that is what it came to our minds when we attended to the exhibition “Epigénesis”, of Guillermo Basagoiti Brown on the 4th of February at Espai Tònic.

The treatment of the wood, the color, the shape, what those sculptures say and express… All that is what we started working on just the day after of our visit to the gallery, starting again one creative process, our own, thankful for the inspiration of other artists from different fields, seeing how paths and arts come together. The notes, the space, the silence… and the sound of creaking wood making music.